Indoor & Outdoor Aluminium Glass Kitchens

Aluminium Glass Kitchens

At NL Glass we have developed glass paneling with framed aluminium to provide you a modern, clean and beautiful alternative look for the kitchen. With a host of other applications such as office cabinets and draws, basic shelving, or privacy cubicle screens; the multiple uses for these are endless.

We use 19mm Star fire glass for the kitchen bench tops. There are 15 caesor stone colours to choose from and an unlimited choice of solid colours. Trim options are available, so you can get the perfect look for your space.

As an option add some special glass wine racks for a more elegant look.


Aluminium Glass Style NL02/42
Aluminium Glass Style NL01
Aluminium Glass Style NL03/23
NLR04 Draw System
NLR04 Draw System